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The Belairs

The Origins Of Surf Music

The Belairs were one of the pre-eminent L.A. South Bay surf bands, scoring in 1961 with the classic Mr. Moto. Rhythm guitarist and Mr. Moto. composer Paul Johnson was joined in the originals Belairs lineup by lead guitarist Eddie Bertrand, drummer Richard Delvy and sax player Chaz Stuart. Jimmy Roberts also helped out on piano for recording sessions and live appearances. The Belairs carried on until 1964, when the British Invasion wiped out nearly all the surf bands.

This is the first in a series of South Bay Sound CDs that Crossfire will be releasing within the next year. Originally released in 1993, the tracks have never sounded better thanks to Greg Russo’s remastering and restoration. Paul Johnson has also updated his highly praised and insightful original album notes. Two tracks that were not on the original release are now included: the powerful Bedlam (a Paul Johnson composition he later recorded in a guest capacity with The Tornadoes) and Giggling Girl (the B-side of an unreleased R&B novelty record by The Initials with The Belairs as backing band).

Here's the track listing:
  1. The Crawler
  2. Stung
  3. Peter Gunn
  4. It Was I
  5. Mr. Moto (rehearsal)
  6. Mr. Moto (single [Liberty] version)
  7. Little Brown Jug (long version)
  8. The Three Blind Mice Make It To Santa's Village
  9. Vampire
  10. Kamikazee
  11. Rockin' Pants (with The Initials)
  12. Giggling Girl (with The Initials)
  13. Runaway
  14. Volcanic Action (studio version)
  15. Bedlam (edit)
  16. Volcanic Action (single version with Pickwick Club TV show intro and outro)
  17. Squirt
  18. On Top Of Old Smokey
  19. Chiflado
  20. Davy Crockett Meets Mickey Mouse
  21. Volcanic Action (home recording)
  22. Rampage
  23. Flip Top Box
  24. The Wayward Wind
  25. Chiflado (Goldstar session)
  26. Duck Waddle
  27. Squad Car
  28. The Shimmy
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