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Cosmik Debris: The Collected History & Improvisations Of Frank Zappa
Flying Colours: The Jethro Tull Reference Manual
Yardbirds: The Ultimate Rave-Up
Mannerisms: The Five Phases Of Manfred Mann
Time Of The Season: The Zombies Collector's Guide
Led Zeppelin: The Montreux Concerts (by Gilles Chateau and Sam Rapallo)
My Brother Was A Mother: Take 2 (by Patrice "Candy" Zappa)
Chances: And How To Take Them (by Francis V. Zappa)


Artist: TitleAlbum Info LinkiTunes Link
Nolan Porter: Nolan - No Apologies/ Nolan CD only
The Kingston Trio: The Final Concert iTunes
The Kingston Trio: Rarities, Vol. 1 The Lost 1967 Kingston Trio Album iTunes
The Kingston Trio: Live At The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium iTunes
The Kingston Trio: Once Upon A Time iTunes
The Kingston Trio: Twice Upon A Time iTunes
The Kingston Trio: Rarities, Vol. 2 Turning Like Forever iTunes
Birmingham Sunday: Prevalent Visionaries - The History Of Birmingham Sunday Disc 1- Disc 2
Jon & The Nightriders: Surf Beat '80 iTunes
Jon & The Nightriders: Stampede! iTunes
Nolan Porter: Nolan - No Apologies iTunes
Nolan Porter: Nolan iTunes
Candy Zappa: ...To Be Perfectly Frank... iTunes
The Tornadoes: Now And Then iTunes
The Tornadoes: Charge Of The Tornadoes iTunes
Don Preston: Vile Foamy Ectoplasm iTunes
Don Preston: Works iTunes
Don Preston: Retrospective iTunes
Bunk Gardner: It's All Bunk! (Reloaded) iTunes
Bob Harris: The Great Nostalgia iTunes
Napoleon Murphy Brock featuring Gregarious Movement: After Frank - 1st Movement iTunes
The Penny Peeps (featuring Martin Barre) & The Noblemen: The Penny Peeps Meet The Noblemen iTunes
Neonfire: Neonfire iTunes
The Gross Prophet: I Believe In Music - The History Of The Gross Prophet Disc 1- Disc 2

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