Most Frank Zappa fans know that his father Francis wrote a book on gambling, but very few people have actually seen it! "Chances: And How To Take Them" was released by a small publisher in June 1966 and quickly disappeared after its first printing. You would have thought with FZ's popularity that "Chances" would have received wider recognition, but no! Now is the time to rectify that! This first-ever reissue of "Chances: And How To Take Them" draws upon Francis Zappa's lifelong career in teaching and working with mathematics as well as his interest in presenting how math is involved in games of chance. Francis Zappa walks the reader through the mathematical formulas of combinations and probability to illustrate the mechanics of these games of chance and why they are so hard to win. The reader can then apply these principles for their own amusement! An excellent profile of Francis V. Zappa the man (and author of this book) is yet another highlight.

Greg Russo is a college math professor in addition to his musical activities, so he is the perfect person to faithfully reproduce all of Mr. Zappa's formulas, tables, illustrations and analysis. This edition also contains forewards by daughter Patrice Zappa and Greg Russo.

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