Frank Zappa is the most prolific composer and recording artist of the 20th Century. Besides his guitar mastery, Zappa's ability of incorporating any style into his unique body of work is unprecedented! Even before his death in 1993, Frank Zappa attained artistic success and respect in the rock and classical worlds. In recent years, an increasing number of classical ensembles have included Zappa's music on program including other great masters, such as Mozart and Rossini.


Here are some of the many interesting items shown unedited for the first time in

Cosmik Debris:

1. The Look Magazine article that interested Zappa in the music of Edgard Varèse
2. The Varèse and Stravinsky LPs that became Zappa's first album purchases
3. The Brian Lord and Junier Mintz singles that all other books claim weren't released!
4. The infamous 1965 & Studio Z; front page article in the Ontario Daily Report newspaper
5. A detailed analysis of the classical composers that influenced Frank Zappa
6. Conceptual Continuity Clues for each album
7. The most complete gig list ever!

8. An absolutely amazing discography and session list

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