Greg Russo has unveiled his most masterful work yet - the most incredible band overview of Jethro Tull ever created. Tull produced some of the most challenging music ever to emanate from Britain. More important, they outlasted nearly everyone in the process! Ian Anderson, the prime mover in Jethro Tull, has taken the band into directions that no other musician would dare travel. Find out how the band went from their humble beginning as the Blackpool, England group The Blades to The John Evan Band to the Jethro Tull we know and love. Besides the stories beyond the songs, this book takes you inside the personalities that have made Jethro Tull such a continually fascinating group of musicians. This edition also includes coverage of the band's  latest album.

No other book has this much Tull coverage!

As expected, Greg Russo's discographies are in full force here, as is the most extensive concert listing ever compiled. This one is a masterpiece. Find out for yourself!

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